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Top Acres / Modern Associates have been contract advertisers on the back of the Brown Swiss Bulletin for almost 40 years.  We have been longtime advocates of a continuous presence in advertising both our farm breeding program and our sales business.  Results speak volumes over the years and we are pleased with the apparent added value from our promotion through Bulletin advertising.

Added Value

Wayne Sliker

The Guernsey Breeders’ Journal is our greatest asset because it reaches all breeders.  Our ads have brought us many inquiries about our cattle and our Golden Guernsey Milk and Ice Cream. The Journal staff is great to work with and very helpful with ad layout and ideas.   The Journal is definitely the most effective way to showcase your herd’s showring success and milk and component production.

Greatest Asset

Kevin & Dina Stoltzfus

Advertising in the Milking Shorthorn Journal not only promotes your own cattle, but also serves as breed promotion...that’s key for our association.   The staff at Purebred is professional, courteous, and so talented and creative with ad layouts. We enjoy doing business with folks, the world over, due to our advertising program.

Advertising Pays!

Phyllis Agnew

Working with Purebred frequently for ads and specialty projects, I'm always excited to see them put my ideas onto paper.  Frequently it comes out better than I envisioned! The few times they haven't captured my goals on the first proof they are great to change it as many times as needed to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Ideas Into Excitement

Jessica Gatton-Dixon

Advertising with purebred publications reaches many people and we look forward to the expansion of their coverage to include website and social media coverage.  The graphics are excellent in the magazines.

Expanding Reach

Peter Vail

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